Mintos - belangrijk nieuws voor mensen met auto-invest

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Mintos heeft een update doorgevoerd, maar door wat technische problemen hebben ze daarmee ook de auto-invest geraakt. Hierdoor zal iedereen die Aforti Finance, AASA Sweden en Lendo in hun auto-invest portfolio hadden, deze weer terug moeten voegen (als je dat wilt natuurlijk).

Some loans were removed from your Auto Invest portfolio, here's how to fix it

As you may be aware, in March, we updated the Mintos Rating for select loan originators - the first time the ratings have been changed since they were launched in August of 2018. The loan originators who had their ratings changed were Aforti Finance, Capital Service, AASA Sweden, Hipocredit Latvia, Hipocredit Lithuania, ID Finance Georgia and Lendo.

The Mintos Rating was changed for these loan originators based on 2018 third-quarter results and industry insights, which resulted in some of the ratings increasing, whereas the ratings for Aforti Finance, AASA Sweden and Lendo were reduced. You can read about all of the rating changes and the reasoning behind them here.

With the rating change, it was our intention to only remove the applicable loan originators from investors’ Auto Invest portfolios based on their “Mintos Rating” filter. This means, before the change, if you were filtering loans with a Mintos Rating of B or higher than your AI portfolio would have chosen to invest in Aforti Finance loans. However, as Aforti’s rating was downgraded to a C+ following the change, the idea was that these loans would then be removed.

Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, regardless of what you have chosen as your risk preference for the Mintos Rating, loans from Aforti Finance, AASA Sweden and Lendo were completely removed from all AI portfolios, regardless of what you have chosen as your risk preference for Mintos Ratings.

Firstly, we would like to apologise for this technical error. But, never fear, there is a simple and quick solution. If you still want to invest in loans from the loan originators who had their ratings changed, then all you need to do is go back into your Auto Invest settings and re-include them in your portfolio.

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In wake of Brexit, British companies head to Amsterdam en

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The chaos surrounding the daunting Brexit process has signaled plenty of trouble for the British economy.

For starters, Honda, a reliable employer in the United Kingdom for decades, is closing its Swindon factory and scrapping plans for new factories in Britain. Thousands of jobs are going away.

It’s not just the carmakers leaving the UK. Banks are moving to Frankfurt, Airbus is probably pulling out, and North American and Japanese firms are leaving in droves. A trillion dollars in assets are being shifted from the UK to the rest of Europe.

Many UK companies aren't venturing far, though — to the Netherlands.

It’s Jeroen Nijland’s job to convince businesses that the Netherlands is their best bet for safe harbor. He’s the commissioner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, which assists companies looking to set up shop in the country. The agency does everything from organizing fact-finding missions to arranging meetings with partners.

Ever since the Brexit process started, Nijland and his colleagues have been extra busy. Their workload has tripled, and they’ve had to take on more staff to meet the demand.

“We are working on 250 Brexit-related products; 250 is also not the maximum of the projects for us,” Nijland said. “It will continue to grow as insecurity is still there. Half of the companies moving over were UK companies, and a quarter were North American companies.”

Nijland says that as chaos around Brexit drags on, it's forcing a lot of UK-based companies who were considering moving across the English Channel last year to finally do it now.

“What investors really are looking for is a stable environment. These are strategic decisions that involve a lot of money. ... They can only make these decisions in an orderly way if the environment is predictable. If you want to do something for investors, this is one of the best things you can do.”

Amsterdam "has arguably done more than any other European competitor to minimize the damage, and even find considerable upsides," a recent Politico story says.

The city drew 153 foreign companies in 2018, bringing 7,200 jobs with them, Politico reports. In addition, "Half of the 4,000 jobs that will be created over the next three years are directly due to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, according to the city government," the Politico story says.

Nijland says the biggest catch for the Netherlands thus far is the European Medicines Agency or EMA. The EMA is the European Union’s equivalent of the United States' Food and Drug Administration.

It moved from London to Amsterdam last month, bringing 900 jobs with it.

The EMA is currently in temporary digs near Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station while their permanent headquarters by the World Trade Center in the South Axis business district are readied. The EMA had to act fast to get ahead of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

“We knew at EMA that this would have consequences,” said Elizabeth Scanlan, a communications officer originally from Galway in the Irish Republic. When she thinks back to the Brexit referendum, she’s still “amazed and shocked by the result.”

Scanlan has had to start anew in Amsterdam. That includes learning Dutch. “I can say dank je wel ["thanks"] and alstublieft ["please"] and some pleasantries like that. My kids can speak it already. Maybe ask me again next year, OK?”

If the Dutch government wants UK-based companies to view the steady Dutch economy as a kind of lifeboat, think again. Nijland says he’s concerned that the Netherlands may get sucked down with it.

“Personally, I think this is really bad for the Netherlands because we are also trading with the UK. They’re the second-biggest trading partner of the Netherlands ... this is really bad.”

Via Public Radio International.

Electroneum.M1 (of te wel de ETN bandwagon!) en

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Electroneum M1 Smartphone Launch

You need to see it to believe it - it is literally jaw droppingly good looking!

We've partnered with a large phone manufacturer to create an Electroneum Smartphone - "The phone that pays you back". It's got a fantastic spec including dual sim (so people can have a SIM capable of ETN top up as well as any other SIM they currently favour). It's a 4G model with 8GB of internal storage (expandable). Dual camera's, thin, light and beautiful in Electroneum Blue. We've got pallets of thousands heading out to a couple of international destinations as we speak.

Why launch an Electroneum phone?

Our extensive research on the ground over the last year showed us that both users AND MVNOs both get a sense of added credibility and trust from hardware manufacturers. It's not EASY to build a phone! It shows our commitment to the mobile industry and allows us to speak to MVNOs in a language they fully understand, whilst introducing cryptocurrency. From a user's perspective it allows a user to trust a new brand (Electroneum) that they might not have heard of. There is (unfortunately) still a lot of mistrust in the cryptocurrency space and we are doing everything we can to ensure Electroneum stands head and shoulders above ALL other cryptocurrencies as the one to trust for partnerships and long term business development. This is a fantastic tool for creating trust and credibility whilst also bringing a new viral growth mechanism into the on-the-ground ecosystem. Imagine the talking point of a brand new phone - and when I say it's good looking - I really mean it. It looks as good as a $1000 USD phone - but it's likely to be selling for around $80 USD (subject to individual distributors markups).

The phone really is Electroneum all the way to the core, it comes with Electroneum wallpapers, an animated Electroneum start up screen and comes pre-loaded with the Electroneum App!

How do I get one!?

These will first be rolling out in the ecosystem areas that we get live - but we will also be getting them fulfilled by Amazon Marketplace in the not too distant future.

Vuurwerk 2018/2019

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Ditmaal geen blog dat ingaat over de voor- of tegenstanders van vuurwerk, hoe het wel of niet afgehandeld moet worden in grote steden, buitenwijken, dorpen en het platte land. Geen indoctrinatie voor de ene of andere kant. Gewoon het pre-tonen van wat er vanavond voor de deur afgestoken zal worden.

Weer bij Piromax langs geweest in Blizne Laszczynskiego waar je met de ontwerpers en verkopers kan overleggen welk vuurwerk bij je wensen voor deze avond past. Natuurlijk ligt de productie in China vanwege de kosten (en de wat soepelere veiligheid eisen voor zulke productie faciliteiten vergeleken met Europa) maar het ontwerp en het samenstellen van het product gebeurt vanuit hier.

Omdat de betere wederhelft bij ons thuis niet is opgegroeid met vuurwerk, of ten minste niet met de beleving waarmee ik zelf opgegroeid ben, zijn de kosten voor de vuurwerk aanschaf altijd een heikelpunt. Gelukkig is dat slechts één maal per jaar, en zijn daar compromissen over te sluiten :D

Dit jaar had ik mijn zinnen gezet op de "PXC303 - No Limits" doos. Een voorstelling van 84 shots met diameters van 30mm en 50mm. Echter het prijskaartje wat daar aanvast zit (ongeveer 1200 PLN - rond de 280 EUR) is toch behoorlijk fors, daar kan zelfs Brugman niet mijn wederhelft over de streep voor trekken.

Na het overleggen en verschillende prijskaatjes naast elkaar te zetten ben ik dit jaar voor een alles-in-één-oplossing gegaan. Of te wel de "PXC204 - 4in1" doos. Een voorstelling van 153 shots met diameters van 25mm en 30mm waarbij het prijskaartje net over de 500 PLN heenging. En geen enkele alles-in-één-oplossing is compleet zonder een toevoeging, dus nog twee "PXO310 - No Limits Single Shot" er bij met een diameter van 50mm.

Ik ben benieuwd hoe de voorstelling er in het echt uit zal zien, de filmpjes van beide zien er als volgt uit:

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar alvast!

Hij is terug! Samwell 4 President!!!

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Wellicht kent iedereen deze hit uit 2007 nog wel?

Samwell - "What What (In the Butt)"

Hij is terug, en hoe!