Pirates vs. Dinosaurs

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Als je gek bent van bordspellen, of je kan helemaal gek gaan met Piraten of Dino's dan is dit wellicht iets voor jouw. Jolly Roger Games houdt momenteel een Kickstarter om "Pirates vs. Dinosaurs" het licht te laten zien. De Kickstarter loopt in een kleine 42 uur af, en we hebben nog niet de minimum funding limiet bereikt. Dus dat wordt kiele kiele. Vandaar deze blog post. Als de Kickstarter niet succesvol is, dan wordt waarschijnlijk het spel wel uitgegeven maar dan hoogst waarschijnlijk met mindere kwaliteit van alle delen. Dus doe mee :) En beleef veel speel plezier met Pirates vs. Dinosaurs thuis, of op je werk in je pauze :)

Video op Kickstarter

Pirates vs. Dinosaurs by Jolly Roger Games
2-5 pirates looking for treasure and fighting off natives, cannibals, and dinosaurs with muskets, cannons, and swords.

Een update JRG van 10 januari:
Backers, we need you...we are so very close to reaching our goal! We had a great day of funding yesterday, our best day of the campaign so far! The goal of getting Pirates vs. Dinosaurs published (and all backers receiving their pledge level plus a T-shirt and an exclusive set of bonus cards for each copy of their game) is right around the corner, and we only have a few short days to make it happen!

So please, help us bring this campaign home! It only takes a minute to email a few friends, share the campaign on Facebook, tweet about the game with a link to the campaign, or go to boardgamegeek and thumb/comment on/subscribe to every piece of Pirates vs. Dinosaurs content you can!

Here's the link to the campaign page so that you can pass it on to friends:

Here's a link to the Pirates vs. Dinosaurs page on boardgamegeek. If you could thumb every relevant image, comment in the PvD forum threads where you think it's appropriate, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE to the game page and individual items so you'll see whenever there's activity, it will keep Pirates vs. Dinosaurs in the spotlight and drive more and more backers to the campaign! It only takes a few seconds to click a few links and like-buttons, and only a few minutes to like and even comment on pretty much everything available.